3D Virtual Installation
QUOGEN collaborated with ULand Community in 2021, created a 3D virtual installation 「Faces」. Based on the theme of this virtual online exhibition “Swirl, Scuffle, Sequel” around COVID-19 pandemic, the front view of this artwork formed an image of vortex with various size of screens; the side view constructs an individual profile through using the techniques of arranging the plane's spatial distribution. Considering the characteristic of online virtual installation, we hope our audience can discover unexpected surprises through rotating the model.
QUOGEN‘s Words
As the theme of this virtual online exhibition "Swirl, Scuffle, Sequel", this pandemic could mean changes and rebuild for individuals. Taking water as a symbol, it represents our relationship to this crisis -- fluidity, changeability and unpredictability. This virtual installation illustrates our thinking under the topic of "individuals & community" and "micro & macro"; explores the keywords of when encountering the pandemic how human and natural society react on an "adaption systems" and the "connections between systems"; also indicates the longing of people to meet others in "faces". Finally, we specially designed the audience's interaction - rotating the 3D model, which not only performs a transform experience from 2D to 3D, but also delivers the meaning of breaking through the physical limitation and viewing the world from both a new perspective and a new dimension.
Poster Design
AR Scenes
Production Director: Hongxi Chen
Creative Director: Jiaqi Liu
Visual Artist: Benny Zhang
Technical Artist: Yilin Zhu
Coordinator: Ruihan (Ray) Xia