QUOGEN x TEDxChengdu
AR Ice-breaking Game
In March 2021, QUOGEN collaborated with TEDxChengdu to produce an AR ice-breaking game during the event, TEDxKids「Dot Dot Dot」. The theme of the event was centered around the keyword “play” and sought to find those “extraordinary players” who are role models or had created meaningful environments for kids and teenagers to grow up in. Throughout our augmented reality gameplay, the audience not only can visit 「Dot Dot Dot AR Monster World」, but also interact with nearby visitors to  spark imagination; replay the childhood scene and recall memories of childlike amusement. 
QUOGEN‘s Words
Remember those little monster friends that we imagined to be our companions when we were kids? Have you ever been curious about where they are now? QUOGEN hopes that through this AR experience, our participants can temporarily put down the pressure of life, instead use this opportunity to visit our “childhood companions” and spend some time with the children that live inside of our heart. By designing the experience into stages like “Adopting AR Little Monster”, “Exchange Stickers”, “Scan and Collect”, “Surprise Reward”, we encourage our participants to actively communicate and interact with their nearby visitors, simultaneously experiencing the childhood amusement of exploration, sharing, and collecting. 
Material Design
Event Photos
Highlight Rewind
Behind The Scene
Technical Director: Hongxi Chen
Creative Director: Jiaqi Liu
Project Coordinator: Wenjun Li
Content Designer: Senyuan (Allie) Xiao
Visual Designer: Shuhao Liu & Benny Zhang
Software and Data Developer: Junxian Liu & Pengbo Li

Special Thanks:
Valerie Lin,Nina Wang,Jonathan Beilin,Chaoji (Hongxing), Siyuan Chen