Galaxy Club
AR Mobile Game
Galaxy Club is an original AR mobile game developed by QUOGEN (former name: EGG) team. This game won the Best Creativity Award of Culture & Entertainment group  in 2019 Unity x SenseTime AR application creation contest. In the game, players can collect different abstract elements in reality, and transfer them into various substances on their own planets. Players can also cooperate online through multiplayer mode. Everyone needs to orbit his or her own planets and find a stable position at the same time in order to build a new galaxy.
QUOGEN‘s Words
The year 2020 was full of challenges and opportunities; online industries rapidly developed, and the discussions between technology and nature noticeably gained increased attention. We hope this game can meet peoples' needs for inner exploration and outer connections. Since people are facing quarantine limitations, we want to help our players feel less isolated during this period of time. May all the spirits find their own place and be connected in the universe.
World View
Innumerable planets are running in countless galaxies in today’s universe, as well as abundant substances, infinite civilization, and untold mysteries that wait to be solved. However, now let’s travel back to the beginning of the universe, which is both the origin and the destination of everything.
At first, an unsubstantial we call the “cosmic subconsciousness” started the time and space. It continued to split and recombine, eventually, became many scattering fragments. Within them, many of the abstract spirits are included , such as  “sentiments””needs””identities””reflection”and”memories”.
Later, a group of Planets Protectors appeared. They took charge of collecting those floating fragments and transfered them into substantial forms appearing on different planets. Thus, the landform, climate, ecology and civilization of different planets were born. Interstellar civilization is thus to today’s prosperity.
Nevertheless, from nothing to every entity in this universe, we are sharing the same essence. The destiny of the universe is the destiny of everyone of us.
All things are originally born in one and will eventually back to one. Even in this tough time, we are still tightly connected. No one is abandoned, every existance has a meaning. Because in this universe, no particle is trivial.
Game Mechanism
Fragments of consciousness
Inspired by Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which is a motivational theory in psychology, we classified the five categories of “fragments of consciousness,” which we split from the original “cosmic subconsciousness” into “sentiments”, ”needs”, ”identities”, ”reflection”, and ”memories.“ Each category contains multiple abstract elements.

When the player successfully collects “fragments of consciousness”, this abstract element will turn into a certain substance and appear on their planets.

We use classical Chinese poetry and quotations from famous literature to deliver the traditional Chinese philosophy behind those elements. With the help of Chinese “imagery,” we are able to find relationships between those abstract elements and the corresponding incarnations in nature, then use the collected fragments and the appeared substances on planets to represent this correlation.
We want to emphasize the relationships among all entities and the fact that we are sharing one common essence in order to encourage and raise awareness for togetherness and planet protection.  Through AR technology, we try to make the reflection start from the outer environment leading to inner self exploration in order to complete a cognitive transformation from the material world to the spiritual world.
Click on fragment to check out the substance appeared on planets.
Hover over the fragment to check out the substance that appears on each planet.
Planet Change
At the beginning of the game, each player will be randomly assigned to an initial planet.  By collecting floating “fragments of consciousness” in AR, planets will be equipped with various substances. As the collection increases, a planet will gradually turn into a mature form. Now, please enjoy the imaginative planets cultivated by our team.
Hover over each planet to check out the changes.
Click on planet to check out the changes.
Technique Highlights
From a technical perspective, this game can be mainly divided into single player and multiplayer modes. Based on the section’s game mechanism, SDK, such as Sense AR Plane Detection and Photon Unity Network (PUN), were used to achieve fragments collection, planet interactivity, and multiplayer real-time cooperation functionalities.
Official Video
Behind The Scene
Creative Director & UX Designer: Jiaqi Liu
Art Director & Illustrator: Shuhao Liu
Creative Technologist & Programmer: Hongxi Chen

Creative Technologist & Creative Designer: Wenjun Li
Visual Designer & UI Designer: Zhuyuan He
Videographer & Editor: Vic Yuen