XR Party Solutions
QUOGEN (former name: EGG) produced AR and VR interactive sections for a 2019 CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association) Halloween party. AR tarot cards added much more attraction for the live performance and revealed the ancient mystery prophecy for participants. In the final awards session, the unspoken story of the Death’s legend was delivered to the winner in VR.
QUOGEN‘s Words
Merging immersive technology with live performance, we wanted to create an immersive story world where the audience could be surrounded by the plots and characters. Through multimedia, the party was able to be presented in a more diverse and interactive manner.
Visual Designer & Creative Technologist: Hongxi Chen
Creative Designer & Creative Technologist: Jiaqi Liu
Game Designer & Creative Technologist: Kelly Kong
Project Coordinator: Ruihan (Ray) Xia
Videographer & Editor: Jiaqi Liu