QUOGEN x LinkArts
AR Gallery
QUOGEN (former name: EGG) co-organized an AR exhibition with LinkArts - Foshan Lingnan Experimental Secondary School of Fine Art in July 2020. By scanning the oil paintings, audiences can reveal the hidden stories. QUOGEN was responsible for curating the entire show from creative design to material production. Later on, the show was moved to an online platform and allowed a larger group of audience to visit the immersive art exhibition during this time.
QUOGEN‘s Words
This is an experimental attempt to combine traditional oil painting media with edgy technology. We consider the canvas of the painting as the window of experience, and yet the blinds are half closed with hidden messages, similar to one’s unclear dreams. AR, as a media, can further express this concept since the virtual content can be inconspicuous but authentically exist.

The methods of message delivery are rapidly updating because of technological advancement. However, as for the value of the information itself, will it be affected depending on whether we successfully receive the message or not? How is painting, as a classical way of expression, being affected by technologies in modern days? QUOGEN (former name: "EGG") will discuss more on the relations between art and technology and hope to bring more inspiration to our audience.
Creative Director: Jiaqi Liu
Art Director: Shuhao Liu
Creative Technologist: Hongxi Chen