Crack the shell of convention,
and let imagination pip.
Crack —
the shell of convention
Let —
imagination pip

About Us

New media design and tech studio

Founded by multi-disciplinary designers from Parsons Design and Technology, QUOGEN (former name: EGG) not only provides creative Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions for our clients, but also actively produces original XR works. We are committed to exploring new media for innovative content with edgy technologies.

We are good at combining cutting-edge technology and art, grasping current hotspots, following the trends, and creating interesting interactions. We help brands upgrade traditional experience, create publicity topics, attract young audiences, and stand out in this new era.

We walk between virtual and reality, breaking the gap and creating connection. We breed new experiences and incubate different levels of sensory worlds. We explore multi-dimensions, create portals and interfaces, to pursue freedom beyond matter.

Our Mission

Through implementing the three dimensions as the core creative principles, our team aims to push the boundary of content innovation and traditional experience upgrades, helping brands connect their values and culture to their audiences. We’re dedicate to creating a new form of interaction and being the frontier of new media content creation. Our missions is to bring extraordinary moments into ordinary life while using technology as a tool for creating augmenting connections in order to create more pleasure and surprise for everyone.

Creative Principles

Creative Principles



“Interactive narrative”
— a new expressive medium for storytelling

Combining virtual objects with physical space, story elaboration is considered through multiple perspectives and delivered through player interactivity. Interactive experiences help players establish an understanding of the story context and participate in key plot developments to form an emotional bond, thus becoming engaged with it and completely feeling like they’re “a member in the world of the story.”



“Interactive fun”
— all about the joy of the game

Following the plots of narrative, the sequences of virtual elements, the challenges of the game, and the game mechanisms are constructed thoughtfully and incrementally in order to lead players into a fantasy world with augmented reality. Our aim is to peak our players' curiosity, having them explore around the space and complete the challenges to obtain a rewarding feeling. Through an “intense ride” with a surprising game experience, players can achieve the coined term: “mental flow.”



“Immersive virtual spaces”
— create in real world

Through augmented reality, we are able to extend the physical limitations of real space. Our virtual environments are created to match the narrative’s spatiality with physical space, and our virtual clues are created through the consideration of how it affects the player’s experience. We examine the design of the space to create stronger cognitive and sensory elements making the experience more immersive to our players.

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