QUOGEN x Parsons
Design & Tech
AR Scavenger Hunt
QUOGEN (former name: EGG) collaborated with Parsons Design and Technology to design an AR Scavenger Hunt for BFA freshman in 2019. Participants will explore the whole teaching floor and collect information from AR Markers which involve course-related virtual hints. Only the person who finds all markers hidden in the floor and answers all the questions in the right sequence, can win the final prize. Accompanied with the display of seven senior’s excellent works along with the scavenger hunt, the preview of exciting school life was introduced to all freshmen.
QUOGEN‘s Words
We employed the concept of a scavenger hunt to encourage player exploration in physical spaces. There were 15 hidden AR hints that needed to be scanned in order to reveal the hidden messages, functioning as motivations and joints for the experience. Moreover, each AR hint content was designed around educational purposes and program fun facts. We hoped by providing this multi-sensory interaction, players could learn more useful information about a Design and Technology major.
Creative Producer: Hongxi Chen
Creative Technologist: Jiaqi Liu
Game Designer: Kelly Kong
Videographer: Vic Yuen
Marketing: Ruihan (Ray) Xia